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Fitrashya D Tamin, S.H.


Ms. Fitrashya D Tamin graduated from Trisakti University majoring in International Law. 


Civil and Criminal LitigationBankruptcy
Labour and EmploymentCorporate Dispute
PropertyAlternative Dispute Resolution

Current Position

Junior Associate - Litigation Division


  1. Representing a tort civil case in the South Jakarta District Court between a multinational outsourcing company with one of the leading international schools in Indonesia;
  2. Representing one of the prominent Indonesian companies in the health care sector, as a defendant in a trademark infringement case in the Commercial Court in Indonesia;
  3. Drafting an Affidavit in connection with a bankruptcy case in the High Court of Singapore that involved one of the leading shipping companes in Indonesia;
  4. Representing the largest telecommunications company in Singapore in a tort case in the South Jakarta District Court;
  5. Representing the Client in connection with an unlawful act case related to the annexation of a land title in the Tangerang District Court;
  6. Drafting a Legal Opinion for the benefit of one of the leading coal mining companies in Indonesia concerning the rights and obligations of workers and employers in the event of termination of employment in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the manpower law.

Within the scope of Litigation Matters, Fitrashya has experience in handling litigation cases related to (i) a breach of contract case in a sale and purchase of industrial oil agreement between a company engaged in the business of trading of gas and oil and one of the well-known aluminum mining companies in Indonesia in the Central Jakarta District Court (ii) a civil case related to a dispute over share ownership in a company in the field of coal mining which owns the mining rights based on a Coal Entrepreneur Contract of Work (iii) a breach of contract case in an oil tank lease agreement between a company engaged in the business of trading gas and oil and one of the leading companies engaged in the business of cement in Indonesia (iv) representing a company engaged in the business of trading oil and gas against one of the prominent aluminum mining companies in Indonesia in the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration in a dispute over an industrial oil supply transaction (v) representing a company engaged in the oil and gas trading business in an allegation of fraud in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Indonesian Police allegedly committed by one of the leading companies in the business of nickel mines in Indonesia.

In addition to the scope of Litigation Matters above, she is also experienced in Corporate and Commercial Matters, handling some coal mining cooperation for conducting mining exploration, exploitation or as a contractor or as a provider of heavy equipment (ii) drafting contracts in connection with a transaction for the supply of industrial oil with several companies engaged in the leading industries in Indonesia (iii) handling various processes of acquisition such as the acquisition of the assets and the acquisition of shares (iv) involved in the process of negotiation, legal due diligence process, the preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding and other related agreements (share sale and purchase, shareholders agreement, license and royalty agreement, etc).