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Randolph Yosua Siagian, S.H.


Mr. Randolph Yosua Siagian graduated from the University of Indonesia, majoring in Criminal Law


Civil and Criminal LitigationCorporate Dispute
Commercial LitigationAdministrative Dispute
Labour and EmploymentAlternative Dispute Resolution
Intellectual Property Rights 

Current Position

Junior Associate - Litigation Division


  1. Unlawful act cases which involved, among others, an international school, an Outsourcing Company, and a leading Telecommunications Company in Indonesia;
  2. Narcotics cases involving an Austrian citizen and an Australian citizen;
  3. An administrative case involving the oldest lawyers' organization in Indonesia against the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia;
  4. A trademark dispute case involving one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia;
  5. A labour dispute case involving a citizen of Malaysia against one of the leading oil palm plantation companies in Indonesia;
  6. Providing legal services in the form of Legal Opinions related to legal issues for damages to the victims of an aircraft accident, contract law, and civil procedure.

Mr. Randolph Yosua Siagian has joined Frans Winarta & Partners since March 2013. As a legal practitioner, Randolph has been involved in dispute resolution processes both inside and outside the court. One of the interesting cases was accompanying a victim of medical malpractice in the negotiation process against one of the leading hospitals in Indonesia.

Randolph has held a PERADI advocate license since 2015 and during his time at Frans Winarta & Partners, he has been involved in some litigation processes in the general courts and administrative courts.