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Stevany Eleonor Joseph, S.H., M.H.


Ms. Stevany Eleonor Joseph holds a Bachelor of Law and a Master’s Degree in Law both from the Christian University of Indonesia.


Civil and Criminal Litigation

Current Position

Junior Associate Lawyer - Litigation Division


  1. Handling a corruption case involving a judge in the Constitutional Court.Assisting Mr. Frans Hendra Winarta in preparing materials for teaching or seminars.
  2. Representing a dispute between a arbitration institution in Indonesia and the heirs of the founder of the judicial institution
  3. Representinga case concerning construction work involving one of the largest mineral water companies in Indonesia.
Prior to joining Frans Winarta, Stevany worked for a law firm in the corporate division.
In her spare time, Stevany also teaches as a lecturer at the law faculty of a private university in Jakarta..