As a law firm established in 1981, Frans Winarta & Partners (FWP) greatly appreciates
Clients’ trust in handling their cases and legal matters. Therefore, FWP views the COVID-19
pandemic faced by the whole world very seriously with the best standards of our office.

FWP’s office has the flexibility in carrying out its activities in providing legal services to
Clients, but with certain limitations and still compliant with laws and regulations and the
Indonesian government's appeal. FWP also continues to monitor the activities of its branch
office in Alam Sutera and WIP’s office, which specifically handles intellectual property, in
providing legal services every day.

In this regard, since 30 March 2020, FWP has officially issued an internal policy in the form
of work from home (WFH) for all employees and this policy is still valid for the next 2 weeks
in line with the Large-Scale Social Restrictions issued for DKI Jakarta by the Indonesian
Minister of Health on April 7, 2020. All work is carried out by online video, telephone
conference, text message, and email from that date to reduce physical contact among
employees to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19.

All communication made by the FWP with Clients continues as usual but by eliminating all
meetings with Clients, replaced by communication via email or telephone conference. This is
done because the safety of employees and their families is a top priority for FWP. On the
other hand, we do not set aside our obligations and duties in providing legal services to
Clients in a professional manner.

We complete our work online professionally by not reducing the essence of our work for
Clients’ interests in a thorough and timely manner. In our office, we carry out preventive
measures such as cleaning the office more frequently, spraying disinfectants in the office,
providing alcohol-based hand sanitizers, putting up important education messages regarding
measures to maintain personal hygiene and the environment of FWP’s office, and promoting
healthy lifestyles and hygiene in accordance with the recommendations of the Indonesian
government and the WHO.

Furthermore, FWP's consideration not to close the office is related to the deadline for work
related to the court or the deadline for other Clients' cases, although in the end the work is
adjusted to the laws and regulations and the Indonesian government’s appeal, including if
later the situation due to the COVID-19 gets worse. FWP will also provide assistance to
FWP’S employees if FWP’s employees are diagnosed with the COVID-19, although for now
all FWP’s employees are in a healthy condition.

Finally, FWP believes that the steps that we have taken are the best for FWP, its employees
and Clients. We continue to maintain Clients’ confidence and hope that this crisis will end
and the situation will improve soon.

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