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Ryano Rahadian, S.H.


Ryano graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, and successfully passed the bar exam in 2021. While completing his study, Ryano was involved in various organizations and was actively involved in the university’s moot court team. With several achievements in moot court competitions, Ryano was awarded as an outstanding student and received a scholarship from his university.



Corporate Law                         

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution                  

Banking and Finance



Current Position

Junior Associate Lawyer

Ryano has already been embroiled in a wide range of commercial disputes, both in Indonesian and international arbitrations involving local and multi-national companies with cases ranging from general contractual disagreements between shareholders, bankruptcy and suspension of payment, annulment of an arbitral award, and a breach of contract. Ryano also has experience advising major and state-owned companies ahead of various corporate actions, which include banking and finance matters, corporate restructuring, legal due diligence, employment, and insurance.

Ryano currently assists Prof. Frans H. Winarta in arbitration under the national rules of Indonesia’s National Arbitration Board (BANI) and International Chamber of Commerce.